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Strategy and Competitive Advantages


With the implementation of the strategic plan “Focus to Win,” the Company intensified its focus on operational excellence and innovation, while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality and leadership in sustainability, and putting the customer even more at the center of its decisions.

The goal is to establish the foundation for profitable growth that prioritizes the generation of financial returns for shareholders and social benefits for local communities.

Focus to Win Pillars

Marfrig’s strategy comprises six pillars that in essence reinforce the Group’s commitments to its original values.

FOCUS ON THE CLIENT: Understanding and offering solutions to clients and final consumers is part of the corporate DNA of Marfrig, which over its history has contributed to the success and growth of many restaurant chains around the world and has led to the development of high-quality and practical food solutions for its clients. Now, through Focus to Win, the company will work even more closely with its commercial partners.

FOCUS ON INNOVATION: From the development by Keystone Foods of cryogenic food freezing techniques in the 1970s, to Moy Park's organic chicken line and the recent certification that allows the Marfrig Beef's food production plants to use the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal, Marfrig Global Foods is at the forefront of the industry in innovation.

FOCUS ON PROFITABILITY: Reviewing all of its processes and maintaining the costs of its operations competitive are the cornerstones of Focus to Win.

FOCUS ON THE FOOD SERVICE AND RETAIL CHANNELS: Focus to Win has designated these two channels as the main vectors of the group’s entire commercial strategy.

FOCUS ON THE HIGHEST SAFETY AND QUALITY STANDARDS: These are the key ingredients of Marfrig’s success and will sustain it over the long run. The group operates globally in accordance with the highest food safety and quality standards.

FOCUS ON INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABILITY: How Marfrig uses its financial, human and environmental resources is of critical importance to ensuring that it always remains a corporation that is respected by environmental, governmental and social organizations.

Competitive Strengths