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Operating Structure

The Marfrig Beef business unit is a pioneer in marketing and promoting beef and lamb in the Brazilian market, with strong expertise in the food service segment in the domestic market as well as a strong presence in export markets, where it is equally recognized for the quality of its premium products. The international operations in South America focus on exporting premium beef cuts and on leveraging the strategic position it enjoys in Uruguay, which gives Marfrig Beef access to the world’s key consumer markets.

In 2018, Marfrig acquired the control of National Beef, the the fourth largest U.S. beef processor. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, the company owns two processing plants which corresponds about 13% of the total slaughtering capacity of the American market.

National Beef has a slaughtering capacity of 12,000 cattle heads per day. The company processes and markets fresh beef, ready-made dishes based on beef and pork, meat and leather products for the local and export markets.

The company maintains a strong and long relationship with farmers, through programs and associations. 25% of the slaughtering are from cattle ranchers who participate in the programs.

Its products are directed to large food service chains and also sold in supermarkets to final consumers, all recognized for the premium quality, resulting from processes that respect the environment and animal welfare.