The Flavors of Brazil

Brazil has a wide variety of regions, each of which has its own culinary traditions, such as acarajé, the extravagantly garnished fried bean cakes from the state of Bahia, or the famous charcoal-grilled beef from the country's South. The daily meal often features the legendary combination of beans, rice, beef and salad. But the country's national and universal passion is feijoada, a delicious stew made from black beans slowly simmered with a rich variety of pork cuts.

A Global Food Company

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The Group's new operational structure allowed the Company to obtain better operational efficiency and offer more quality to its consumers

In 2011, Marfrig consolidated its position as a global food company with a focus on generating results and on the sustainability of its business. It was a year of preparation at all of the Group's units, which included the operational restructuring of the Corporation's units under the segments Marfrig Beef and Seara Foods and a strong focus on the core business, on operating efficiency and on capturing synergies. The new structure has allowed the Group to obtain important operational gains and efficiency improvements and contributed to the development of a portfolio of products with high added value and brands that maintain close relationships with consumers.

All these accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of Marfrig's 85,000 employees. Human capital is one of the Corporation's main intangible assets and represents a priority that differentiates the Corporation in the market and ensures that clients receive superior quality products.

For 2012, Marfrig's efforts are concentrated on strengthening the Seara brand in Brazil's domestic market, most notably by integrating the new units and brands resulting from the asset exchange agreement signed with BRF in December 2011. The consolidation of these new assets over the course of the year will boost sales of high-value products, which in turn will expand Seara's market share in Brazil.

Marfrig will also continue to focus on the Chinese market, which it believes will be a major driver of global demand for animal proteins over the coming years. The Group will increase its presence in this market through Keystone Foods, a company in the Seara Foods segment, and will explore the growth opportunities offered by serving major global quick service restaurant chains.

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The 2011 Annual Report of Marfrig was prepared for the second year in a row in accordance.

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