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The Marfrig Group develops and implements innovative actions and wide-ranging policies to foster corporate social and environmental responsibility in its commodity supply chain, aiming to ensure the long-term sustainability of its business.

To this end, each Business Division in the Group develops actions in accordance with its local operational specificities, which, all together, ensure and promote sustainability of its entire productive system.

The Marfrig Group abides by a single Ethics Code, which permeates all its industrial, commercial and administrative units, in every country in which the company operates. This helps the Corporation to develop a single global culture, governed by the same set of social and environmental values.

The most visible face of the Corporation's commitment to sustainable practices can be found in the working groups it leads or participates in, and in the public commitments it has made in partnership with the most important world organizations in favor of sustainable production and the preservation of biodiversity.

The Company has defined its sustainability strategy in six strategic dimensions which include strong pillars, ensuring that they are all connected to its core business: