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Corporate Profile and History

Corporate Profile

Marfrig Global Foods S.A. is a multinational company operating in the food and food service industries in Brazil and around the world. It has a diversified and comprehensive portfolio of products and its operations are founded on its commitment to excellence and quality, which has assured its products presence in the world’s largest restaurant chains and supermarkets, as well as homes in nearly 100 countries.

The Corporation’s activities include the production, processing, further processing, sale and distribution of animal proteins (beef, lamb and poultry) and a variety of other food products, such as breaded products, ready-to-eat meals, fish, frozen vegetables and desserts, among others.

The Corporation established an integrated and geographically diversified business model, which consists of production units located in strategic places, combined with a broad distribution network with access to the world’s main channels and consumer markets. Marfrig currently operates 47 processing units, distribution centers and offices in Brazil and in 11 other countries in South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Marfrig have an annual production capacity of 982,808 metric tons for processed food and an annual slaughtering capacity of 5 million head of cattle, 476.5 million chickens, 8.8 million turkeys and 3.0 million lambs. Together, this production platform gives us significant growth capacity as well as the ability to hedge against certain industry risks.