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To consumers, Marfrig meat is synonymous with quality and the company works hard to keep it that way.

Part of the Group's philosophy is to track and guarantee the origin of its products and ensure that the process is free of social or environmental transgressions, such as work conditions analogous to slavery, child labor practices and deforestation.

Marfrig maintains rigorous quality controls and is committed to remaining at the forefront in animal welfare practices (and has the certifications attesting to this).


Marfrig Beef Cuts

Cuts from standard market animals raised with an exceptional level of concern for sanitary conditions that rigorously comply with Data Sheet criteria.


Montana Brand

Grilling and cookout concept.

Taken from select carcasses based on quality programs that adopt the highest standards of animal selection.

With a complete and varied portfolio, this line's volumes serve a good portion of demand from the domestic retail market.


Bassi Brand

One of the first true premium-quality brands in Brazil.

The line of Bassi Cuts attracts gourmet consumers who want quality and sophistication without foregoing convenience. The handmade cuts are ideal for those seeking to please guests with sophisticated dishes, but also value ease of preparation and guaranteed success.


Marfrig Angus

Angus Beef is considered one of the best in the world and features marbling that lends surprising softness, succulence and flavor to the meat. Marfrig Angus bears the seal of the Brazilian Angus Association (ABA), which attests to its pedigree, and features a full and varied line of portioned cuts that please the most demanding of consumers. 


British Breeds

The highlight of Marfrig's British Breeds line is the criteria adopted for selecting the best Angus and Hereford stocks and their crosses, which receive meticulous nutritional treatment in feedlots to acquire superior rib eye area, marbling and grades to serve the best steakhouses and fine-dining restaurants.


Bassi Wagyu

Considered the “caviar of meats,” the Wagyu breed (Kobe beef) offers the highest levels of tenderness and marbling. Marfrig controls the complete production cycle, from prenatal nutrition to an extended period in feedlots, to ensure a Super Premium Product on par with the world's best.






Fresh beef and cooked.


La Morocha




United States