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Marfrig´s Corporate Governance Practices

The guiding principles of the corporate governance of Marfrig Global Foods are based on best practices in the industry. The group is firmly committed to transparency, providing an accurate account of its activities and the equitable treatment of shareholders, partners and employees.

As a listed corporation, the Group complies with the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) and the Novo Mercado Listing Regulations of the BM&FB ovespa - Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange, and also observes the recommendations issued by the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance Best Practices published by the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute (IBGC).

In 2013, Marfrig Global Foods placed first in the Corporate Governance Index (IGC), an unprecedented ranking published by the magazine América Economia and produced by Delta Economics & Finance The main factor highlighted by the magazine was the fact that Marfrig has independent advisory boards formed by external consultants. The various different governance levels work to ensure the fulfillment of the Group’s commitment to ethics and to ensure that the organization remains effectively aligned with its values, mission and vision.

Novo mercado

To comply with the rules of the Novo Mercado segment of the BM&FBovespa, in January 2014, Marfrig concluded the succession process for the office of chief executive officer, which was filled by the executive Sérgio Rial, who replaced the company’s founder and main shareholder, Marcos Molina. The transition process started in 2012. Until the new CEO takes office, Marcos Molina will perform the duties of the office together with those of chairman of the board of directors, a position in which he will continue to serve.

Also in accordance with the Novo Mercado Regulations, Marfrig’s capital is formed only by common shares, all of which entitle equal rights regarding the transfer of the company’s control (100% tag-along rights [1])

[1] Requires the buyer of shares held by the controlling group to carry out a public tender offer for the shares held by non-controlling shareholders at 100% of the price paid for the shares of the controlling group

Rights of Marfrig´s Common Shares

Commitment to Arbitration

Quiet Period